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Sugar Lash the best eyelash extensions

The best eyelash extensions are available at Element Hair

Get your first fill complimentary!

That’s right, your first fill is free! This allows for you to get used to having the lashes on and taking care of them properly. It also allows us to get to know your lashes and perfect shape, length, thickness and desire!

Full set 50-60 LPE -$160
Bold set 75-100 LPE -$200

Fill- 20 LPE -$50 (Complimentary with first appointment)
30 LPE -$70 (Complimentary with first appointment)

LPE – Lashes per eye. Applicable tax extra on all prices.

Wil is a certified esthetician at Element Hair

Meet Wilhemina aka Wil! Certified Aesthetician at Element Hair. Providing friendly and expert guidance to help find the perfect eyelash extensions just for you. Book your appointment today.

Sugarlash eyelash extensions at Element Hair in Waterloo

The go-to lashes for celebrity stylists.

Sugar Lash is so different than all the others and an amazing choice for your lash extensions. No wonder they are considered the best eyelash extensions by Hollywood beauty stylists.

best eyelash extensionsPrecision manufactured from sterilized PBT materials with a deep, rich finish.

They boast a semi-gloss (satin) finish, and are incredibly flexible.

The silk lash extensions are tapered 1/3 to give a full look through the body of the extension, providing a full lash look.

Double heated for amazing curl retention and consistency.



Softer than other brands

Textured, not smooth, for a more natural appearance

Sugar Lash proprietary adhesive has deeper bonding power and more flexibility, for longer lasting eyelash extensions.

Best eyelash extensions at Element Hair in Waterloo

You don’t have to worry about applying mascara anymore!! Which is great because that also means; no raccoon eyes when your trying to wash it all off, no smudging when you are out at the hot sunny beach swimming or at a wedding crying.

When you get individual lash extensions you can still get the same desired effect as your favourite mascara OR even bigger and better.

Benefits of Sugar Lash eyelash extensions:

→ They don’t look like the bulky strip lashes

→ No one will even know you have them, they will just assume your lashes are natural perfection

→ They feel light and are not irritating to the eyes

→ They can accentuate and give lift to the eyes

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